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What should you be looking for in any online program?

  • You should be looking for Admin you can trust.

  • You should know if the entry level point has funds going in on a consistent basis.

  • You need to know your with a committed TEAM of individuals willing to go the extra mile.




A universal way to boost your advertising budget and potentially earn extra income in a stand alone program.
No matter what business you are involved in.



Member Testimonial

I have been waiting long time to see some program that is actually worth for signup. When ad-valanche was announced and when i heard who is behind the scenes of this program i allready know that is program for me, so i funded it and buyed 10 subs. The cycling is amazing, the support is the best i have ever seen, the launch of the program was the smoothes ever, so in one word this program ROCKS. Also if you start with only 1 sub you can get maximum return from it.. If you decide to build your subs, you will get also more return :). Join now and don't be sorry later for not joining it, because the all i can say this one is lifechanger for sure.;)


We have learned through the years there are two major things that are needed in order to earn.

The secret to winning is constant and consistent business building...

The formula for financial independence in Network Marketing is... The ability to get a LARGE GROUP of people to CONSISTENTLY do a few SIMPLE THINGS over an EXTENDED PERIOD of TIME.


Ad-valanche $5.00 Advertising Plan


2 X 2 (4 X $5.00 = $20.00 payout)

$5.00 to Members Account Balance

$1.00 to Members Enroller Account Balance

$14.00 enters Member into Level Two (Blizzard)

Level Two - BLIZZARD

2 X 2 (4 X $14.00 = $56.00 payout)

$10.00 to Members Account Balance

$5.00 reentry into Level One

$1.00 to Members Enroller Account Balance

$40.00 Enters Member into Level Three (Snowslide)

Level Three - SNOWSLIDE

1 X 2 (2 X $40.00 = $80.00 payout)

$70.00 to Members Account Balance

$5.00 reentry into Level One

$5.00 to Members Enroller Account Balance


Between you and every goal that you wish to achieve, there are a series of obstacles. The bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacles. Your decision to be, to have and to do something out of the ordinary entails facing difficulties and challenges that are out of the ordinary as well.

Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else. Be persistent.
-- Brian Tracy


“I believe life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment, and life's greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment to act until they achieve. This level of resolve can move mountains, but it must be constant and consistent. As simplistic as this may sound, it is still the common denominator separating those who live their dreams from those who live in regret.”

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.
Anthony Robbins

Persistence of action comes from persistence of vision.

When you’re super-clear about what you want in such a way that your vision doesn’t change much, you’ll be more consistent — and persistent — in your actions.

That consistency of action will produce consistency of results.


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